The five major technologies for the success of companies

As new technologies and innovations are redesigned at an increasing speed, companies must always keep up to date to remain competitive and attentive to what the market has to offer, whether automating business processes or incorporating new systems of communication with customers. In order to help entrepreneurs to prepare for this year, the economist and entrepreneur with a focus on innovation and disruptive technologies Arie Halpern lists five technologies that companies must adopt for business success.

1) Cloud storage

This is one of the easiest and most practical options for accessing files in different personal or business computers. Using cloud storage, the company may keep its business always up to date in different venues, in addition to allowing employees to work from home or going on a business trip while maintaining contact with the company. Other benefits of cloud storage, says Arie Halpern, are the cost – it is cheaper than having a fixed storage system, and the reduction of energy costs.

2) Customer service chats

If yours is a services company, you need to invest in good customer service channels, mainly in live online chats. Several studies show that people prefer to communicate by text than by phone or email, especially when it comes to online shopping. “The live chat offers an on time and convenient service to the customer.” says Arie Halpern. The chat also helps to reduce spending as it saves time and is much cheaper than a telephone answering service.

3) Big Data

This is yet another important competitive advantage. Today, everyone has access to a large amount of data that needs to be correctly and efficiently analyzed to its best advantage, says Arie Halpern. Big Data technology allows large amounts of data to be recorded and analyzed in a short time. This data knowledge may be essential to improve production and to understand the customers’ needs.

4)Mobile payments

According to a study published by Statista, mobile payments, which are done using the mobile as if it were a credit card, will have moved US$ 23,47 billion up to 2018. So, if you own a business and receive payments frequently, it is interesting to start investing in this technology, recommends Arie Halpern. This payment mode is more responsive than the credit card and adds an image of innovation to your company.

5) Cyber safety

With so much innovation, safety cannot be left out. “People and companies are more connected than ever, and this favors cyber attacks,” says Arie Halpern. Between 2015 and 2016, the number of cyber attacks increased 43 percent in the United States and 14% of North American executives admit they do not have any strategies to combat them.

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