RIO 2016 and the disruptive “gambiarra”

Arie Halpern: o disruptivo na cerimônia de abertura das Olimpíadas
Arie Halpern: o disruptivo na cerimônia de abertura das Olimpíadas

The opening of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 stunned the world, because of the creativity and boldness. Surprisingly, this wonder was achieved at the expense of a short budget for the standards of this type of event. Of the $ 114 million planned, the budget fell to $ 56 million for the production of four ceremonies (opening and closing of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games), with most of the investment dedicated to security.

Ascertaining the fact, the international press was faced with an exotic expression in the words of the team of filmmakers who directed the show – Fernando Meirelles, Andrucha Waddington and Daniela Thomas – the lack of resources forced them to do it all with “gambiarras”.

In major media, commentators tried to explain the meaning of the Brazilian slang. Columnist NBC Olympics network, Joe Posnanski, explained to his readers that “gambiarra” means “work done with improvisation” and adds that “this could mean a lot of things – a new way of doing something, draw something differently, improvise and etc. to solve a problem. ” The “New York Times”, after indicating the pronunciation as Gahm-beeah-hah recalled the hero of the series MacGyver, which did amazing things with very little to explain the meaning of the expression.

The amount spent is not exactly what you might call a little. However, compared to other Olympic Games, it was a record. According to the calculations of the management team, the amount invested was 12 times lower than spending on the London Olympics in 2012, and twenty times lower than in Beijing.

Fernando Meirelles took the opportunity to value “the Brazilian talent to do something great with almost anything.” By reducing the level of spending, the ceremony of 2016 causes some disruption, because it sets a standard that will be remembered in the coming events – the beauty combined with technology and art, and the account size.

In an interview to the Mail Online, the British “Daily Mail,” Meirelles said that initially he was upset to see that the budget was being cut successively. However, “in the end,” he added, “I felt good to not be spending money that Brazil doesn’t have.” “You can do something good, with heart and concept, without spending so much.”

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