BBB, airlines, and a law firm are already in the metaverse. Will you stay off?

Days before being announced as the great champion of Big Brother Brazil 22, actor Arthur Aguiar had the opportunity of a metaverse experience. Accompanied by athlete Paulo André, another finalist of the reality show, he virtually climbed in an elevator to the top of a building and had to walk the parapet, on the outside. The two wore virtual reality goggles and had a mission to destroy the BBB robot.

Recently, the metaverse has become a frequent subject. It is almost impossible that someone has not heard the word yet, although for many it is difficult to understand exactly what it refers to. The term became even better known in October last year when Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would change its name to Meta and focus on the development of this new virtual environment. A few days ago, incidentally, he announced the opening of a 150-square-foot physical store on the Meta Burlingame campus in California.

Zuckerberg is not alone in this. Bigtechs such as Microsoft and Nvidia and video game developers such as Epic Games and Roblox, among others are also in this race. There are also companies from other sectors, such as sports goods manufacturer Nike, which is open to virtual designers and has filed for patents for its brands in the virtual world, as well as virtual items for download.

The virtual experience in a large-audience program such as BBB is a way to show people what exactly we refer to when we talk about the metaverse. Although many have had this opportunity for the first time, its use has been multiplied in fashion shows, virtual shows, and other events in this new universe.

Qatar Airways has just launched  Qverse , a metaverse environment where passengers can virtually simulate the check-in at Hamad International Airport (HIA) in Doha, and board in first-class or business class. Flight attendant Sama, meaning sky in Arabic, welcomes you. Passengers can also navigate the interior of the cabin and interact with the metahuman crew. Its development featured the 3D Creation Tool Unreal Engine, and the   MetaHuman Creator , a cloud application that allows you to create human representations in the digital environment, with strokes, hair, and clothing.

Do restaurants in the metaverse suppress hunger?

Mexican fast food chain Chipotle has created a game in which users create an avatar to enter the environment of the first restaurant that opened in 1993 and make burritos and deliveries in the metaverse. Through the activities, they accumulate prizes and virtual burritos, which they can use in the game and even have a free burrito in the real world.

In Brazil, a law firm opened a virtual unit in São Paulo for meetings and events using Microsoft’s  AltspaceVR platform. Upon arriving at the venue and wearing the virtual reality goggles, the visitor accesses a futuristic lobby and meeting rooms. There, your avatar is greeted by avatars of office professionals.

In addition to novelty, and ensuring its space in the new universe, the goal of the lawyers is to perceive how the interactions in this new environment will be, such as what effects there will be for professionals and clients, companies, and individuals. Another important aspect is that the metaverse will certainly require the creation of standards and rules for different areas.

Although it is multiplying, the creation of environments in the metaverse is still limited in the corporate environment and, according to experts, it should take time before it becomes part of the routine. Also, to enter this new virtual world, it is necessary to have equipment such as glasses and gauntlets, not yet accessible to many people. Like other disruptive technologies, these accessories should become more accessible as the metaverse expands.