Blockchain and other disruptive technologies should boost business in the coming years

Blockchain technology is one of the top trends for businesses in the coming years, according to the  Tech Trends 2022 report, prepared by the consultancy. It identified the trends in the business scenario that will reformulate the processes of organizations.

The possibility of decentralizing processes and giving more security to data and transactions is what makes blockchain the bet for many companies. According to the study, over the next two years, IT areas will automate large components of their infrastructure, so that engineers can focus on components with higher added value.

The report also presents six other technologies that will be pillars for corporate transactions in the coming years:  data sharing, the provision of cloud services for vertical solutions, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity, the multiplication of intelligent technological devices related to physical task automation, disruptive large-scale automation and what they call “forces of the future”, which are quantum computing, exponential intelligence, and environmental experience.

Regarding blockchain and   DLT  (Distributed Ledger Technology), the report highlights that, although they are still first-generation technologies, they have proven their viability in cryptocurrency trading, clearing and settlements.

Currently, the financial sector leads the blockchain adoption, followed by telecommunications, media and entertainment, industry, healthcare, and life sciences. Technology is expected to grow sharply in the retail and consumer goods sectors over the next two years.

Early-stage challenges

Technology still presents challenges that are typical of the initial stages of adoption for most technologies, mentioning aspects such as low maturity with usability limitations, interoperability and scalability, slow processes, and high energy consumption.

The study also shows that, in the next years, automation will boost efficiency, as well as take advantage of the collaborators’ professional capacity. AI is pointed out as another trend that will be used as the first line of cybersecurity, allowing you to automatically respond to detected threats.

Another possibility is the spread of smart equipment, which goes far beyond computers or smartphones. They are devices adapted to Industry 4.0, such as industrial robots, drones, and health monitoring systems. The ease of sharing data between organizations is another future trend identified in Tech Trends 2022.