Disruptive technology in the photography world

The easily annoyed people can hardly control their instincts in face of the new courses of innovative technologies. As mobile phones propagated, it is very common to see people hunched over their gadgets – be it in the dark of a movie theater, in a religious ceremony or at the opera – even taking the risk of disturbing others nearby or of being publicly reprimanded. More recently, the use of “selfie sticks” created another quasi-comic gesture that has become part of our everyday choreography. The news is – another gadget has been promising to start a new disruptive fad shortly: the Panono Camera.

The camera promises one more disruptive technology in the world of image – it has the shape of an 11cm-diameter ball that captures images at 360 x 360 degrees. Its use is simple and playful – you just have to throw it in the air. As it is thrown, it does all the calculations necessary to shoot when the ball reaches its highest altitude, in the fraction of a second before falling. The Panono’s 36 wide-angle lenses shoot images in all directions generating a panoramic photo that can be accessed through your mobile phone.

The Panono may also be used in conventional ways or coupled to a selfie stick. But the fun is really on throwing it high. A prototype of the camera was presented to the public for the first time in 2011 during a technical conference about computer graphics in Hong Kong. After four years of further development the German Panono, founded by the inventor of the camera Jonas Pfeil, has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign that raised just over 1,6 million euros for the project. The founders’ dream is to commercialize a low cost version to attract the public as it happened with the Go-Pro cameras. The Panono camera will certainly offer lots of fun. On the other hand the more conservative will freak out.