Effects of Tonisity Px™ on Pigs Reared in Facilities with Background PRRS Infection

Swine veterinarians and producers are well aware that porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) poses a major threat to proftable pork production. Even with vaccination, disease breaks can occur that severely disrupt herd health and performance, or background infection can lingerand pose a long-term concern. Tonisity Px is an innovative new technology that can help support optimal nutrition and health under such conditions and thereby moderate disease impacts. Tonisity Px is the frst isotonic protein drink for pigs, representing a novel, cost-effective breakthrough technology that can dramatically elevate gut function and help boost herd health and productivity. A research study investigated the effects of Tonisity Px supplementation on the survival of nursing piglets and post-weaning nursery pigs reared on farms with a background PRRS infection.

Tonisity Px™for Neonatal Piglets: Reduced Preweaning Mortality and Faster Growth

Pre-weaning mortality was greatly reduced for PRRS-exposed neonatal piglets supplemented with Tonisity Px for 7 days. Results summarized in Figure 1 indicate a signifcant 43.8% (< 0.001) reduction in birth-to-weaning death losses for the Tonisity Px group compared to controls. Similarly, mortality during the actual on-test period (day 2-weaning) fell by 60.0% (< 0.001) in the Tonisity Px group relative to controls. Six-week nursery (postweaning) mortality was also dramatically reduced by 62.6% (< 0.001) for pigs with background PRRS infection and supplemented with Tonisity Px compared to pigs offered a conventional electrolyte
supplement (Figure 1).

An economic analysis of these mortality reductions (Table 1) identifed substantial financial benefts for using Tonisity Px in the PRRS-positive environment. For the weaned-pig producer, an extra 246 surviving pigs from this herd would represent $7134 in additional income. Likewise for the wean-fnish operator, the Tonisity Px program yielded 401 extra surviving feeder pigs, representing a potential value of $18,045. The overall net beneft of the Tonisity Px program totaled $21,605, providing more than a 7-fold return on investment.

Tonisity Px™for Sows and Weaned Pigs: Less Antimicrobial Use and Better Growth

Pre-weaning and post-weaning supplementation of PRRS-exposed pigs with Tonisity Px learly generated signifcant health and economic benefts. By helping reduce death losses, strategic Tonisity Px supplementation allowed producers to preserve productivity and proft potential under challenging conditions involving background PRRS infection.

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