Effects of Tonisity Px™ on Pigs Reared in Facilities with Background PRRS Infection

Swine veterinarians and producers are well aware that porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) poses a major threat to proftable pork production. Even with vaccination, disease breaks can occur that severely disrupt herd health and performance, or background infection can … Continuar lendo

Tonisity Px™for Sows and Weaned Pigs: Less Antimicrobial Use and Better Growth

Tonisity Px™for Neonatal Piglets: Reduced Preweaning Mortality and Faster Growth Swine producers must confront a host of health and productivity challenges as they continually seek proftably under uncertain circumstances. Even long-used tools such as oral and/or injectable antimicrobials are now under … Continuar lendo