Innovative technology in the dietary supplement for swines will be presented at the 24ª Congress of the International Swine Veterinary Society (IPVS).

Criado pela Tonisity, o Px é o primeiro suplemento alimentar para porcos do mundo
PX is the world’s first isotonic for pigs

World’s first isotonic for pigs, PX promotes healthful growth, knocks down the universal belief that piglets do not drink water and decreases mortality rate among the livestock

Tonisity, an Irish company specialized in animal health, more specifically in the development of cutting edge nutritional products, will present the PX at the 24ª Congress of the International Swine Veterinary Society (IPVS). and the 8º European Symposium of Swine Health Management, between the 7th and 10th of June, in Dublin. PX represents an innovation in the area of swine breeding: it is an organic  dietary suplement conceived to complement the adequate feeding of the pigs from their second day of life.

PX consumption in the weaning phase helps to diminish stress and increases the weight of the piglets. In this initial phase of life, the amount of food, and mainly water, ingested by the pig is crucial, determining the animal development later.  Research demonstrates that the consumption of the product reduces the mortality rate of the piglets from 13% to 7%. Arie Halpern, director at Tonisity, says that the PX formula is highly attractive and flavorful for the pigs. “It is a disruptive product because it breaches with the ancient idea that piglets only consume colostrum during their first hours of life”, he says. He points out that “the product works as a complement and not as a substitute for colostrum that’s why we only serve the PX from their second day on”.

Over 2 thousand veterinarians from diverse countries usually participate in the event, to exchange experiences and learn about the innovations related to swine health. Tonisity, which is one of the sponsors of the Congress, will receive the visitors in stand D4. Ava Firth, the company’s research director and specialist in animal nutrition, will deliver a lecture on matters such as the PED (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea),  PRRS (Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome) and other new swine illnesses. She will also speak about the principles of this new product:

“PX is an isotonic product that combines the basic principles of the ORT formula [sugars, electrolytes and water, used for intense rehydration of human beings] with ingredients and properties that aid the metabolism and the integrity of the intestine mucosa of the pigs. It also contains potassium, sodium, chlorine, proteins and dextrose in similar concentrations to the ones indicated by the World Health Organization for human consumption” , she explains. , explains.

The Tonisity stand at the 24th Congress is a mandatory stop for those who want to know more about the benefits of the oral rehydration therapy  in all phases of swine production.

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