Inspiring and spying technology


We are living in a multiple and constant connection era. Wherever we go, people are equipped with gadgets, either exchanging messages, sharing images or finding ways to evade the chaotic transit of the great cities. The list of functions is extensive, but technology is always capable of doing more over and over again. On behalf of control and security, countries have invested in devices capable of monitoring and even spying on its citizens for different objectives.

Some technologies have helped the authorities to prevent new attacks from terrorists. Gizmodo Brazil has highlighted among the tools the metadata that register connections (who for, when, how long, etc.). Technology helps define targets and show the relations between people without the necessity to disclose the content of the messages.

In a minor proportion, spying technologies are applied in different sectors. In the city of Luoyang, China, it is used for educational purposes. According to a news article in, the city uses drones to watch and control students so that they do not cheat at university entrance exams. The unmanned vehicles absorb radio wave detectors emitted by electronic devices, allowing them to locate their origin and inform a control panel where to find the infractor.

Maintain privacy is therefore increasingly difficult, once it is necessary to be attentive to the norms and online registers. In Brazil, a proposal that creates a regulatory framework for the protection, treatment and use of personal data was approved in the Science, Technology, Innovation, Communication, and IT Committee (CCT). The project, which still needs to be submitted to three other committees, imposes some limits to prevent the real life “big brother” unreasonably exposing its users and to ensure a comfortable use of everyday technologies.

These experiments show us that we cannot underestimate technology, once there will always be an innovation ahead.


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