Pandemic may cause moderate delays in the deployment of the 5G network

What would be one of the most significant events for the year 2020 in the world of technology –  the arrival of the 5G internet connection network, is now on hold. This is not the only situation occurring in the technological development area, but only one of a series that has had its initial plans frustrated by the Covid-19 pandemic and its resulting economic depression. In the most diverse sectors, from energy to transport, from constructive to educational, projects were abandoned, or at best, deadlines were revised. Rightly, all attention is now focused on health, in search of a solution for the pandemic.

Expectations for the 5G network were quite optimistic until January once the new technology was foreseen to reach 25% of connections in the United States later this year. In other developed countries, the estimate was that by the end of 2020 they would have had close to at least 20% of their connections in this new band pattern.

To get a picture of what 5G stands for, here is an example: in such places as the United States and South Korea, where it is already working, it is possible to download a full HD feature film in 1 second. And as everyone knows, a band of such magnitude may revolutionize a series of equipment, triggering, once and for all, the whole of IoT connections. Thus, it would be possible to connect non-specialized household appliances, such as security cameras, refrigerators, and temperature conditioners. A major development in smart city projects will also become viable, with air quality, traffic, trade routes, and emergency system controls.

This new world, which is not just an evolution but a real revolution, will seemingly have to wait a little longer. In the current pandemic scenario, new information on the implementation deadlines has become scarcer, but the projects are not on hold. In Brazil, the 5G band was expected to arrive at the end of 2020 or at most the first half of 2021, but now experts understand that the first experiments will have to be postponed to 2022.

In any case, all managers, and the general population interested in technology, knowing that the delay should not last longer than a few months, will need a little more patience. The responsible companies already have the technology, the resources that have been mobilized will not disappear, and government regulations will at some point be approved. So, you need to be prepared because even delayed, this will still be a revolution in all the ways of living and doing businesses in the medium-term.