Platform is a valueable experience

The more people, the greater visibility. The more visibility, the greater appreciation. These are the premises that accompany the creation of new business platforms that run through systems based on the network effect. In other words, the value of a product or service depends on other people’s number of uses. It is possible to cite great examples popularly known, such as Facebook and Tinder. If they had been used by a small number of people, they would hardly have reached the current proportions. But, in addition to growth, it is interesting to notice that an increasing number of entrepreneurs have adopted the system, seeking to add value to products and services to promote great disruption in specific markets.

Let’s consider the case of the online social platform Ingresse, which, according to the own startup, entered the market in 2011 to facilitate the purchase and selling of tickets for any type of event. The platform works from a simple logistics: when entering the site, the organizer can register and create the desired event. Besides having photos and description of the show tools, the platform also interacts with social networking, allowing buyers to view which of their friends will go to the same event. This “experience” has been promoting a market disruption on shows and sales with favorable results. The new platform sold R$ 45 million in tickets all over Brazil in 2014.

New platforms in varied niches are born from this discovery of unfamiliar ideas. This is the case of Clickbus, a platform and application for online sales of bus tickets, which offers more agility to passengers in choosing their tickets and making the payment.  Created in August 2013, Clickbus holds the lead in the online sales market of bus tickets, using a new interaction with users.

As the platform functionality depends solely on the volume of users’ participation, it is important to boost an appropriate behaviour by the person who uses them. This mainly applies to collaborative business platforms. To be successful, that kind of platform incorporates measures that prevent malicious actions from the users. In this way, the focus on experience and disruption on the service delivery ensures a successful partnership between profit and collaboration.

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