Smart Glass, El Tostadero tests multimedia experience

This well-known store and cafeteria, which intends to launch 200 new stores in the next five years, has adhered to the Smart Blinds technology to transform their static shop windows into real-time transmission channels for advertising, promotions and the brand products.

The Spanish “El Tostadero”, a traditional coffee supplier to hotels, has been investing on expansion and in invigorating of its brand name. In September they inaugurated a store specialized in interactive tasting and coffee equipment sale in Cuarte de Huerva, province of Zaragoza. This is the first of a 200-shop net the company intends to launch in the next five years.

The advantage of this first store is its 18 m² smart liquid crystal window (Smart Blinds) from the Israeli Gauzy that projects high resolution, real-time advertisements, promotions and brand products. It was a 40 thousand-dollar investment. “This experience gives a new meaning to multimedia in stores, leaving in the past the limited and static contents generally used by most of our competitors”, said Arie Halpern, director at Gauzy.

The commercial director of Gauzy in Spain, Daniel Skaba, has supervised the installation of this innovation in the first store and witnessed the clients’ reactions to this new technology. “The consumers’ reactions have been highly positive: the children stop to take selfies in front of the multimedia window”, he says. According to Skaba, other commercial nets, such as “Frutos Secos el Rincón”, having more than 200 stores, and “Imaginarium”, a worldwide franchise of toys, are also interested in this technology.

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