Startups take off and stir up competition in the design software market

The software industry is today the most dynamic market in the world, with startups springing up all the time in some kind of garage and competing with well-established giants that invest billions of dollars in R&D. One of the great challenges for experts is to try to figure out where the next revolution will come from which could bring down a whole structure built not so long ago and replace it with a whole new reality – that is, disruptive technology. One bet that seems quite certain at this point is a revolution in the field of design programs.

If a few years ago  Adobe  Photoshop, a powerful tool for a world that made the transition from print to electronic, reigned outright, today it faces competition from a number of programs developed by smaller companies, including  InVision Sketch Figma  e  Canva . This new reality has made Adobe better with the release of the XD version, which allows designers to collaborate among themselves.

Still, the question remains open: Will this market be co-opted by one or a few competitors, or will it be pulverized by a large number of smaller developers? The first model resembles what happened with sales software, dominated by Salesforce, which clumps much smaller companies around its system. In the second case, there would be the emergence of an ecosystem similar to that observed in marketing programs, constantly swept by the news brought by brave startups.

Anyway, what is known is that the market will bet heavily on SaaS (Software as a Service) systems, which is the trend in the cybercultural world. SaaS systems are cloud-based systems over the Internet. Software processing is remote via fast connection, which tends to become even easier with the imminent arrival of 5G on a global scale.

Whatever the outcome of this new stage, what we can already celebrate is the speed with which new features add to the competition between different models. More and more definitely, design software is losing the accent of its origin toward print production, which remained a hallmark, and pointing to a future in which this original matrix disappears in favor of organizations, much more fluid and freer.

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