Alimentary supplement for swines capable of reducing animals’ mortality


A new isotonic, the PX, developed by the Irish Tonisity, breaks the paradigm that pigs do not drink water in their first days of life. The product’s tasty formula fortifies the pigs’ intestine, stimulates the immunological system and improves the absorption of nutrients, offering much more flavor to the swines. The pigs, therefore feel better, consequently, eat more. The result is a reduction of the animals’ mortality and increased profits for the producer. Tests carried out in a farm in Northern Ireland, have shown that the use of the PX formula may help reduce the mortality rate of newborn piglets from 13% to 4%. Commercialization of the product will start in October in Brazil, the United States, and some European countries.

“This is disruptive technology”, affirms Arie Halpern, Tonisity director. He is referring to the fact that formula PX breaks with the ancient idea that piglets only consume colostrum during their first hours of life. “PX offers the possibility to change the raising of pigs from their first days of life, making it possible to offer them improved nutrition in their initial hours”, comments the Brazilian director of the company, pointing out that the product will work as a complement and not as a substitute for colostrum.

Arie Halpern affirms that the PX formula is highly attractive and flavorful to the pigs. The combination of minerals, amino acids, sweeteners and water acts as an intestine nourishment, supplying additional hydration to the pigs.

Being exposed to stress and physical degeneration the pigs need to find ways to fight exhaustion and possible viruses. PX will also work on that since it helps the intestine mature and increasing the pigs weight gain. In an experiment carried out in the United States, sick pigs that were about to be discarded were given PX. The result was: 75% of them recovered. “Our research showed that giving the pigs 5 millimeters of PX in their first day of life and continuing to feed them with the product during the following weeks will protect them from diarrheas and vomits, resulting in a reduction of their mortality”, says Halpern.

Developed in Northern Ireland at the end of last year, PX has been tested in the most respectable educational and research institutions from Europe and the United States. Brazil, in particular, represents a strategic market for the launching of PX for being the fourth largest swine producer in the world, with a total of 40 million pigs.