The pragmatic and the dreamer


Companies who base their businesses in innovation have to be both pragmatic and dreamers. This sounds as a paradox once, in general, these are opposing characteristics. In the planning of a company, however, the two stances combine and complement each other.

It is necessary to understand, before anything else, that the company has to survive, which is decided in the short term. Between the pragmatic and the dreamer, the first should look at the most immediate matters, so that the company can invest in modern-day ready to use technology.

At the same time, however, it is necessary to think about the future, and how to get there. A good strategy is to try to find, in the medium term, new disruptive applications for an existing technology never before used by conventional markets. And, on the long run, invest in creating something nobody has thought of before, exploring the futuristic vision of inventors and dreamers.