We don’t eat bits or bites, but digital technology is increasingly present in food

Some technology companies are developing means to produce animal protein in the lab, synthesizing meat with flavor, texture, smell, and chemical composition identical to beef, pork, and poultry cuts.

There is no consensus on the arrival of this type of technology to billions of consumers around the world. However, if we look at our dishes today and do an investigation, it is possible to see that before the “synthetic” age we already had a lot  digital technology embedded in meat, cereals, vegetables, and other agro-food products.

The Brazilian agricultural sector has been discussing the future of food production with the introduction of technologies that can increase productivity per hectare, decrease environmental liabilities and reduce costs. The positive impact of new technologies is something that is expected in the daily lives of cities. Thus, it is possible to have the same expectation and positive results in agricultural applications: farms are increasingly advanced.

Business and technology fairs

In Brazil, the profile of the large fairs dedicated to the agricultural sector confirms the thesis that farms are increasingly technological. In addition to harvesting machines with automation systems, these expositions have increased the space for drones (monitoring and pollination), production control and prediction software, power generation systems, geolocation of herds, and many other possibilities and applications.

In the last edition of the   Bahia Farm Show , held in May, the organizers of the event decided to promote the debate “The challenges of agribusiness in the digital age”. Lack of connectivity was the main limitation pointed out for the dissemination of technology in the field by most speakers. Difficulty in accessing information and technology transfer were also listed.

This view already permeates the   Agrishow , the largest event in the sector. For the 2023 edition, the organization of the fair has already announced the slogan “Connecting people and technologies”. Among the topics chosen to classify the exhibitors, “Precision agriculture” stands out, with the image of a drone. According to  the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock   (CNA), the term refers to the entire management system using technology to provide greater control over the entire production process, aiming at efficiency, profitability, and sustainability.

According to figures from  Cepea (Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics), Brazilian agribusiness accounts for 27.4% of the Brazilian GDP (2021), reaching almost R$2 trillion in wealth produced.